Monday, April 4, 2016

Grades Persuasive Paragraph

Grades can either make, or break you. If you ask me I think that you should get graded on effort and not how good you did on the assignment. A lot of people think that this would make it so kids wouldn't try because they don’t with getting regular grades. I think different though. I think if you got graded on effort it would make everyone try a little harder. Their are people out there simply that aren't very bright, but they try really hard to get the good grade. A lot of kids also stay out of extra curricular activities because I know that a lot of the kids I’m my grade stay away from that because they want to keep up on there work. Studies have shown that kids that do sports and things to this affect get better grades. So I think that getting graded on the effort would make this a better, but there will always be those kids that don't try, but I think that that shouldn't spoil it for the kids that really work hard and try to get the good grade.