Monday, April 4, 2016

Grades Persuasive Paragraph

Grades can either make, or break you. If you ask me I think that you should get graded on effort and not how good you did on the assignment. A lot of people think that this would make it so kids wouldn't try because they don’t with getting regular grades. I think different though. I think if you got graded on effort it would make everyone try a little harder. Their are people out there simply that aren't very bright, but they try really hard to get the good grade. A lot of kids also stay out of extra curricular activities because I know that a lot of the kids I’m my grade stay away from that because they want to keep up on there work. Studies have shown that kids that do sports and things to this affect get better grades. So I think that getting graded on the effort would make this a better, but there will always be those kids that don't try, but I think that that shouldn't spoil it for the kids that really work hard and try to get the good grade.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Cabins 

When you are young there are so many family memories you can make or at least thats what my grandma says. About every year my family go to this one spot. The spot were many family memories are made. The place I always wish I was. That place…
We get out of the car finally. My family has been driving for so long a whole 8 hours. We step out and the first thing I hear is the splashing noise the fish are making. Then I look strait ahead, and I see the pink, orange, gray and blue cabins. They look old like the paint has been there since dinosaurs have ruled the earth. When you go inside the cabins it looks brand-new. It looks as if the cabins were ruled by a king on the inside they were that nice. 
Next and probably more important was my whole family was heading to the cabins. I felt like the luckiest kid in the world I was at my favorite place, and my cousins are even coming who could ask for more. The first person who drives up is in a mini van and I thought to my self who could that be. My Uncle B who traveled all the way from texas. hops out of the car and comes and hugs me. Knowing him I thought he would drive up in a Bugatti not a mini van. Then my little cousin Ezra gets out of the car he was the only boy cousin that I had coming on this trip so it was a relief to see him. Secondly my aunt Chris who traveled from Mississippi shows up and guess what she is in a mini van to. They get out and the girls went to see my sister. Then my uncle Ezra and I all get in to a boat and go fishing.
Last but not least we came back and we caught so many fish in the days that we were there we had enough to have a fish fry. We all sat down at this little picnic table. The food is piling over the plate almost as if it is going to cave in. We all gather hands and say grace. Then right after that it was all war. Every one started grabbing fish and every ones hands went into the bags of chips laying out I am very surprised no one got hurt. 
All and all I always love going to Minnesota with my family. It is a time were we can eat like there is no tomorrow, and also spend time with family.

Like my grandma said when you are young you can make many great new memories. I believe in this fact now. I will never forget the time I spent in Minnesota. The time I spent with my uncle b was priceless I will always cherish this memory.