Friday, September 25, 2015

I am from the lake 

I am from the lake
When I reel in the reel I’m at home 
The fight is like needing water 
You need the fight 
The hunt of catching the big one

I am from the farm ponds
The little pond
Waiting for the fish
Standing on the shore 
Still waiting 

I am from the fishing rod
Putting line in the real 
Looking down the eyes if the pole

I am from the fishing reel
Reeling in the reel
Watching the reel 
As if you are about to get a fish

I am from the boat
Sitting in the boat
Wearing the life jacket 
because mom made you
Your butt hurting because
 the seats hurt 
After a wile
Because the seats are hard

I am from the time with my dad
Making fun of him
Getting pushed in the water
Loving the time you have with him

I am from the farm ponds
I am from the fishing reel and rod 
I am from the boat
I am from the time with my dad
I am from the lake 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The School Life

The School Life
Ephraim Bunner 8th grade reporter 

  Our day is filled with so many things all the students have to do. At O’Neill Jr./Sr. High School it is homecoming week isn't that exciting. On Monday Sept. 14th,2015 The  theme was Hawaiian day. Two of the 8th graders won; Sean and Makayla for the Jr. high. They were really had it going. 
English, everyone loves it. In English class today the 8th graders did their Daily Grammar Practice. For those of you that don't know what that is it is a little warm up thing that our class does we get a sentence and we find the subject and the predicate and things along those lines.
Have you ever been hurt bad? A really one of the very good Jr. High football players Riley hurt his arm during Football practice. And he said “I cant play for a week” This is bad because he is one of your best linemen and a very good linebacker. The Football team really hope this week goes by quick.

So now that you have read this think of all the things you know. The football team  knows that they will have a hard time with out Riley but they will get it done. And kind of know how we do our Daily Grammar Practice. And this in Bunner News. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Spy

Billy was out walking along a long road and he saw a crow flying in the sky he realized that it dropped something and so like any regular kid he went and looked at it. It was a note. It said Billy meet me at the park tomorrow. So that’s what Billy did. He saw a man standing there and he walked up to him and said hi I’m Billy. The man quickly took Billy and Billy asked what are you doing the guy looked at Billy and said hi Billy I’m your father. Billy said but mom said you died in a car crash. What happened really tell me. Then they got in the car and Billy said where have you been all my life. And as he said that they crashed and died in a fiery car explosion.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Baby Sleeps

By: Ephraim

He is lying there
SSSHH don’t make a sound
 The baby is sleeping
He feels the love of his father
The creaking of the cabinet
Helps the baby feel at home
His father looks him in the eye
And says
Oh no
Another kid
Then the baby yawned
The father thinks
I love him
He will always be mine
The baby is soothed
By the smell of his father
The father lays him down
SSSHH the baby is sleeping