Friday, December 18, 2015

My Dad 
My dad has always influenced me to be a better person. He has overcome a lot in his life time. Dad grew up in poverty. His family could barely afford a house and food. He has changed that for himself in a really good way. My dad worries about others before himself, so he is like a doctor.
Dad stands about 6 feet, 4 inches. It is as if he towers over everybody. He always smells like that stuff you put on after you shave, and it is just a soothing smell. You could say he is a bigger person with super, thick, brown hair. You really can’t tell though because it is almost as if he is bald. Dad has a collage of brown and grew whiskers. He is always wearing a short sleeved shirt that has a pocket in the chest area where he keeps pens and pencils. Dad usually wears  jeans with holes in the knee and his Keen shoes. That makes up may dad’s appearance.
My dad, for the most part, is a positive person, or at least he tries to be. He loves my family and I more than anyone could ask and always tries to look at everything in a good way, even the bad things. He wants to provide for his family, and he succeeds. He is what I picture a man being. He is strong, thoughtful, and loving. I love my dad.
I look up to my dad a lot. He always tries to be there for me. He helps me with my homework when I have a lot. He is always there for advice or an answer when I need help. I have always looked up to my dad and this is why.

My dad has a big heart. This is one of the main reasons I like him so much. He is all anyone could want. He is loving and kind. I am the luckiest Shane for a dad.



Stacks on Stacks on Stacks
So many words to many words
So much knowledge in just a few books
Just so overwhelming
Learning more and more
Every day I can
Stacks on stacks on Stacks
Being lost is all the knowledge
Being lost in all the words

Stacks on stacks on stack

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Enrichmet Poem

Looking down every hall
Hoping you wont start to ball
Hoping mom will see you
Praying someone wont swoop you up
So you don’t go in the billboard with the missing pup
Finding your mom 
Being so glad 
now do you no what is next
Trying to find your dad

By: Ephraim Bunner 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dear Wilson Rawls, 

When I was in sixth grade, I always dreaded going to reading class. However, this completely changed when I was able to read your book Where the Red Fern Grows.But I also had a teacher that I honestly really didn't like, yet I don't think she really liked me either. My effort in class was lacking because of these things. If I hadn’t read your book, I don’t think that I would be where I am today as a student. I also think that I would probably still be slacking off in my classes. 

It all started in Kindergarten. I never really could just pick up a book and read. My parents and grandparents always used to make me read, but I hated it. It was all the same until I got into the 6th grade, but in my 2nd grade year I had a teacher for reading called Mrs. Hanson. At first, I didn't like her but I grew to like her, but she was a tough teacher.
I remember her saying “I don't care if you don't like reading it is the only thing you have to know to be successful”. Then I thought who cares I don't need to read a stupid book to succeed. I always had dreams of being successful, but I didn't think that I needed to read to be successful. 

Then before you know it came the 6th grade. This is when I had the teacher I didn't like. I really don’t know how I didn't get held back because I really didn't try that hard in any of my classes, but I didn't get held back and for that I am grateful. 

We started the year off bad. My reading teacher and I were always at war. We argued about everything we possibly could. I got mad because I always had to read and I hated to read. I just didn't try and of course I didn't care whatsoever. I think at the end of the first 9 weeks I had a 29% in her class. Then one day we got to read a book, and she let the class choose the book. We had a few choices. They were: Were the Red Fern Grows, Holes and the book The Bully. Of corse we chose Where the Red Fern Grows. When my class chose that book I was super excited. I had seen the movie 100 times, and I loved it. We lived in a small town so everybody trapped coons. We started reading and I just dove into the book. There was action, emotion, happiness and so on. I thought of my self as Billy in that class. I wanted things like I wanted to read this book, Billy wanted to get the coon dogs. I became sad about my grade in that class Billy was sad about the death of his dogs. I wanted the book to go on I never wanted it to end. 

Your book taught me many things. It taught me that if you want anything you need to take risks to succeed. I found a love for reading. I pictured my self as Billy I always wanted to be a good reader, Billy always wanted to be a good trapper. I never want to give up like I use to. Billy never gave up. Your book taught me that if you want anything you have to try. I wanted to have good grades, but I never tried to get the grades. Last of all, your book helped me find a love for reading.

Friday, September 25, 2015

I am from the lake 

I am from the lake
When I reel in the reel I’m at home 
The fight is like needing water 
You need the fight 
The hunt of catching the big one

I am from the farm ponds
The little pond
Waiting for the fish
Standing on the shore 
Still waiting 

I am from the fishing rod
Putting line in the real 
Looking down the eyes if the pole

I am from the fishing reel
Reeling in the reel
Watching the reel 
As if you are about to get a fish

I am from the boat
Sitting in the boat
Wearing the life jacket 
because mom made you
Your butt hurting because
 the seats hurt 
After a wile
Because the seats are hard

I am from the time with my dad
Making fun of him
Getting pushed in the water
Loving the time you have with him

I am from the farm ponds
I am from the fishing reel and rod 
I am from the boat
I am from the time with my dad
I am from the lake 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The School Life

The School Life
Ephraim Bunner 8th grade reporter 

  Our day is filled with so many things all the students have to do. At O’Neill Jr./Sr. High School it is homecoming week isn't that exciting. On Monday Sept. 14th,2015 The  theme was Hawaiian day. Two of the 8th graders won; Sean and Makayla for the Jr. high. They were really had it going. 
English, everyone loves it. In English class today the 8th graders did their Daily Grammar Practice. For those of you that don't know what that is it is a little warm up thing that our class does we get a sentence and we find the subject and the predicate and things along those lines.
Have you ever been hurt bad? A really one of the very good Jr. High football players Riley hurt his arm during Football practice. And he said “I cant play for a week” This is bad because he is one of your best linemen and a very good linebacker. The Football team really hope this week goes by quick.

So now that you have read this think of all the things you know. The football team  knows that they will have a hard time with out Riley but they will get it done. And kind of know how we do our Daily Grammar Practice. And this in Bunner News. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Spy

Billy was out walking along a long road and he saw a crow flying in the sky he realized that it dropped something and so like any regular kid he went and looked at it. It was a note. It said Billy meet me at the park tomorrow. So that’s what Billy did. He saw a man standing there and he walked up to him and said hi I’m Billy. The man quickly took Billy and Billy asked what are you doing the guy looked at Billy and said hi Billy I’m your father. Billy said but mom said you died in a car crash. What happened really tell me. Then they got in the car and Billy said where have you been all my life. And as he said that they crashed and died in a fiery car explosion.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Baby Sleeps

By: Ephraim

He is lying there
SSSHH don’t make a sound
 The baby is sleeping
He feels the love of his father
The creaking of the cabinet
Helps the baby feel at home
His father looks him in the eye
And says
Oh no
Another kid
Then the baby yawned
The father thinks
I love him
He will always be mine
The baby is soothed
By the smell of his father
The father lays him down
SSSHH the baby is sleeping

Friday, August 21, 2015

About me

Hi my name is Ephraim, I would like to tell you guys a few things about me. When I get out of high school I want to go to pre mortuary school at UNK in Kearney and after and after that I would like to go to Kansas city and finish mortuary school. I have a feeling you are asking why so far away and I can answer that I am going there because it is the best mortuary school in the U.S at the moment. Now I would like to tell you about what I do for fun in my free time. Now I don't have very much free time because of sports and things but I am a fisher I fish every time I get the chance to. I also have a very bad Netflix addiction. Do you guys like school because I am not a fan. Learning is very difficult for me I have dyslexia and a bad case of ADHD so learning is hard for me but if I can do it I am sure you guys can to. I like to learn to some extent but I am more of a hands on kind of guy I learn better that way. This is a few things about me.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Choose Your Own Adventure

                 I did a story with a good friend of mine is name is Kolby you should look at his blog it is super good (Kolbys Blog It). Your story is about a zombie waste land. We have many obstacles we need to go over. There is some loss in our story. Kolby and I made this story on keynote. It was harder than it looked and easier than it sounds if that makes sense. The story turned our pretty good if you ask me. Well I am not a big computer fan because the only thing I know how to do in it is get to the internet. If it wasn't for Kolby I probably would have like given up because he like knows any thing and every thing there is to know about computers. I liked the project because it was one of the only assignments that we made all of the choices on.

Friday, April 17, 2015

 Inspiration Essay

      We all have that one fun family member.  Mine is my dad.  He is also my inspiration.  In this essay, I will pretty much tell you the story of my dad, about our family and why he is my inspiration.  Let’s get started.
     The story of my dad begins with him being born in rural western Nebraska.  He lived his life like most normal boys, moving to Mississippi when he was 7 years old.  He went to a Catholic school.  But there was one problem.  My dad has ADHD and back in the day there really wasn’t much known about this, so he was pretty much deemed crazy.  When my dad was about 17, he got into drugs.  He went from one of the smartest in his class to being one of the 17-year-old dropouts.  Most of the time, if you are into drugs, stealing comes along with the package, just like it did with my dad.  This led to jail multiple times and then prison.  Then when my dad turned 49 years old, he decided to sober and clean up.  At the moment, he is 3 years clean and sober. 
     My dad was married once before my mom and he had one child and his name is Cole.  Cole is 27 years old.  Then there is my full sister, Gracie.  She is 17 years old, she is a junior in high school.  And then there is me.  I am a 13 year old in 7th grade.  I bring the boom to the party.  We live out in the country in rural Nebraska.  We are a close family.
      My dad has been my inspiration for many years and I think he always will be.  Some reasons why my dad is my inspiration is because he likes to fish.  I am all about fishing.  I live, breath, sleep and eat fishing.  I also look up to my dad because he has gone to hell and back, and I know after doing that, that there is nothing that can stop him.  If you are determined and put a little effort into it, you can get it done.
       Now that you have read this, you probably know about my dad and why he is my inspiration.  In the video that I am sure you have watched or will watch, I talk to my dad and ask him a series of questions and in the video we go more in depth about sports, moving, drugs and so on.  Thanks for reading my essay.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


        Have you ever dreamed about going somewhere? Well, I know I sure have. I have always wanted to go Berlin, Germany. My dad went to Berlin when he was in the Army. He said it was the cleanest place he had ever been. I am going to talk about the food, hotels and suites, and what employs most of the people. 

Have you ever sat there bored and thought, “What employs most people in other countries?”  It’s ok, neither have I, but to me it is super interesting.  In the United States, Walmart is what employs the most people.  In Germany, most of the men clean the roads and nearby buildings.  Most of the women that are married, are stay-at-home moms.  The moms in Germany stay home and home-school their kids.

Now let’s talk about my favorite part of traveling.  Food.  Everyone loves it, right?  If you are going to somewhere foreign, why not eat?  Some of the main things Germans eat is sushi.  The thing that is different about their sushi is that they put a layer of scrambled egg around where we would put the seaweed.  Another thing that they eat is pizza, but they put the sauce on the top instead of on the bottom.  Now, I like food, but there is probably only one thing I would not eat:  Cheval.  In English, we know it as horse.  The thing about Cheval is that they only eat it on a traditional holiday such as Easter and Christmas.

Now the last thing I want to talk about is German hotels.  Today, I am only going to talk about the Radisson Blu.  I know what you are thinking, what could be so exciting about that?  I am all about fishing and stuff that deals with fish.  In the Radisson Blu, you walk in and there is a fish tank that goes from the main desk to the fourth floor.  Cool, right?  They have 419 rooms.

So, if you want to eat sushi, pizza and maybe even horse, stay in a hotel that has a huge fish tank and watch people clean the street, you know where to go.  Go to Germany.  Danke Schön
The Book: Germany
www.good food in

  By: Ephraim

Monday, February 23, 2015


Think of it, your standing there watching your business. You've made it! You look back and see where it all started, high school. The reason you made it was from hard work and dedication. Then you think what made you want to go to college?  Hi I am Ephraim Bunner I am a 7th Grader at O’Neill high School. I live in the reeky dink town of O’Neill Nebraska. I have been thinking about college for a super long time. 
I have also had goals sense I could even talk. I want to go to mortuary school. I would preferably like to go to Kansas State. After college I would like to follow my dream and own a mortuary. I want to do this because my grandpa died and I hadn't seen him in years and it was the most soothing thing when I got to see him in his casket. By soothing I mean it helped with the pain of him dying.
            How could college help me succeed at being a mortician? To be a mortician, so  have to go to college to get a degree to be one. It also would help me make money
and be able to support myself and my family if I have one. 
Next I want to talk about my dad. One of the things my dad say is you only live once why blow it. He is the biggest reason I want to go to college. My dad didn't even finish high school and that lead to drugs and prison and today he is still paying child support. I love him but I would want to do any thing but that.
The reasons I want to go to college is so that I succeed in life. I don't want to be one of the people that cant support themselves.