Monday, September 29, 2014

I learned how to take parts of a clip out on iMovie. Also how to split a clip in half. Last but not least I learned how to add pictures in wile I was still talking

Monday, September 15, 2014

dot day

Well today is thought day and it was pretty fun. Now i know anyone can be an artist. I think the lesson is that the sky  is the limit. after reading the book the dot my demeanor has changed about drawing so any one can be an artist.

Friday, September 12, 2014

english 7
Ephraim Bunner

Unforgettable School Day                                                            
  It was just another normal boring day in kindergarden. Why was it so ordinary you ask? Well every one was happy it was friday but i didn't know it was friday. now you will no the story of a boy that didn't know it was friday.
So when i got to school i met up with Kolby Dean. You may not know him but if you don't he is in the third row on the right side of the room. I mean he was like my best friend because we when to Dixie’s for day care so he was like my best friend.
Then comes recess and i was playing house with Makala and Kolby and Kolby and i were dogs. and i was wandering why it felt so long and i looked at the clock and we should have been done 10 min ago. So i found that suspicious.
so after a long hard day of kindergarden i get home. Dad told us he rented a movie at the store. The movie was never back down i remember the movie word for word. 
So its morning by now and i wake up and look at the clock and it says 6:00 so i say well i still have 10 minutes. So my alarm clock goes off at 6:10 and so i throw some close on and go down stairs. I run down the stares and all the lights are off. so i give it a wile and then in about 10 minutes  mom came out and said we don't have school today but i was already up and I was the person that is he got up theres no going back to school. 
So ths changed my life by knowing i can sleep in and so no i love to sleep in. So now every morning I'm the last one up. After a week of school i know we need a break. this was my unforgettable school day


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

bed room

Ephraim Bunner
Eng7 period2

                                                               My Bedroom

Here is my room,when you walk in to my room what will you see? The first thing you will see is my old t.v. with stains from about any drink and home cooked meal you can think of. Then next thing you  will see is my dresser and the dresser I got from my great grandma Ogle right before she died. Then there is my dads 12 gauge I don’t really no why it is in my room it’s just has been in there as long as i can remember the only thing we use it for is killing coons when they attack the cats out side, or if the nasty tom cat comes by but dad already killed it. So don’t ask me why it is there.     The next thing u will see if my Rg3 fat head my sister got it for me for Christmas the only down side on that is RG3 is struggling to stay on the wall.Then there is my fishing pole it is a Zebco ultra light and its the most expensive thing I have I got that from my dad in Christmas of 2006.  Also you will see is my book collection most of the books are Diary of a Wimpy Kid  books and I have a couple crime books like The Strain and books like that. This is my room,and I am rich bend measure.